East Med pipeline should run through Turkey, Turkish Cypriot leader says

Transporting natural gas to Europe via Turkey is the most practical way to serve peace and stability and contribute to a solution in Cyprus, Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci said.

According to the Cyprus News Agency, Akinci was commenting on the trilateral meeting between Israel, Greece, and Cyprus and plans to sign a deal for the EastMed pipeline that will supply gas from the region to Europe.

Akinci said it was not possible to contribute to peace and stability in the area by excluding the Turkish Cypriots and Turkey.

He reiterated that Turkish Cypriots too had rights on the island’s natural resources and would be sensible to manage the issue on the basis of common benefit and carrying the gas through Turkey in a cheaper, faster way.

“This is the sensible way to serve peace and stability and contribute to a solution in Cyprus,” he said.

Akinci said the EastMed pipeline would be an additional mistake to the Republic’s accession to the EU 14 years ago without a solution.

After accession, the Greek Cypriot side moved away from a solution and if they are the sole owners of the natural gas, excluding the Turkish Cypriot side and Turkey, the little incentive they have for a solution will diminish, he said.

That would only serve partition, Akinci added.

Source: Cyprus Mail