Lebanese NGO puts forward oil and gas recommendations

The Lebanese Oil and Gas Initiative has compiled a set of recommendations intended to improve practices within Lebanon’s nascent oil and gas sector. LOGI’s 10 recommendations, released Monday, are designed to complement a new law approved by joint parliamentary committees at the end of September and ensure transparency.

Among the recommendations put forward by the Beirut-based NGO, in cooperation with the German Friedrich Ebert Foundation, was for the upcoming Cabinet to pass a decree with the “real names” of owners and firms working in the oil and gas sector, in accordance with Article 10 of the law. “They are recommendations addressed to everybody, all the stakeholders, emphasizing what more needs to be done,” Diana Kaissy, LOGI’s executive director, told The Daily Star.

Current shortcomings in the sector include “not having a national strategy that sets exactly what it is that we need to do first [and] not having set an overall objective,” Kaissy said. “We don’t have a comprehensive and agreed-upon strategy. Once you have that I’m sure things are going to have more of a concrete, logical manner of proceeding.”

LOGI also announced a series of panel discussions that will bring together MPs and representatives of political parties, which will be followed by individual meetings with stakeholders, in hopes of gathering support for its recommendations.


Source: Daily Star