The Minister of Energy and Water announces the following:

1- The companies that were prequalified in 2013 updated their files through the submission of supporting documents evidencing whether the company is subject to any change(s) that could affect the prequalification criteria. Additionally, the companies prequalified in 2013 provided their financial statements for the years 2014 and 2015 (audited) and 2016 (unaudited).

2- Two companies that were prequalified in 2013 as Right Holders Non-Operators have submitted two new prequalification applications to pre-qualify as Right Holders Operators.

3- The LPA has received eight (8) new prequalification applications for the second prequalification round.

4- The results of the second prequalification round are as follows:

a- Prequalified companies in 2017:
ONGC Videsh Limited

PJSC Lukoil
Sapurakencana Energy Sdn Bhd
Sonatrach International Petroleum Exploration and Production Corporation (SIPEX BVI)
Qatar Petroleum International Limited
Petropars Limited
JSC Novatek
New Age (African Global Energy) Limited

b- Prequalified companies in 2013: The companies that were prequalified in 2013 and have not notified the LPA of any change in their status, are still pre-qualified to participate in Lebanon’s First Offshore Licensing Round provided that they confirm that they still meet the eligibility criteria by submitting the notification letter and their financial statements for the years 2014 and 2015 (audited) and 2016 (unaudited) before the submission of the bids.

c- Disqualification of companies prequalified in 2013:
Concerning Novatek and GPB Global Resources BV which were prequalified as a group of companies according to article 3.3 of the Prequalification Decree no. 9882/2013, Novatek which was the reference company in this joint application, has notified the LPA that it is no longer part of the unincorporated joint venture with GPB Global Resources BV. JSC Novatek has submitted an individual application for the second prequalification round. Accordingly, the group Novatek – GPB Global Resources BV has been disqualified and JSC Novatek has been individually prequalified as a Right Holder Non-Operator.


A previous prequalification round was undertaken in 2013 where fifty two companies from twenty five countries submitted their pre-qualification applications.
As a result, twelve applicants were pre-qualified as Right-Holders Operators and thirty four as Right-Holders Non-operators. The number and profile of the pre-qualified companies showed the vast interest of the international oil and gas industry in investing in the Lebanese offshore, and their trust in the management of the oil and gas sector in the country.

Source: LPA