The Lebanese Petroleum Administration (LPA) applies high transparency practices

The Lebanese Petroleum Administration (LPA) is the only administration in Lebanon implementing the provisions of the right to access to information law. The administration had launched its website after the appointment of its board members in 2012 and publicizes all information and data related to its work. This includes the legislative system that governs its work, the data and maps related to the Lebanese Offshore, and all the information related to the first licensing round, which was closed at the end of 2017 by awarding the offshore blocks 4 and 9.

Mr. Gabi Daaboul, a member of the board of directors, and the head of the Legal Affairs department, is assigned to review information requests by any citizen. This was announced on the administration’s website with a listing of the information officer’s email address, through which applicants can send their request by clicking the link «Click here to Send the Request.” This type of communication ensures effectiveness as well as the elimination of bureaucratic complexities.

With regard to financial operations, the Administration indicated that it is publishing a list of technical service contracts that were signed with international legal, economic, or technical consultants. The documents identify the name of the consultants, technical services provided, the year and the contract value. LPA is the only administration that publishes its financial operations and did not present the large number of such transactions or the personal nature of these contracts as an excuse not to publish, establishing the concepts of transparency in the foundations of its work.

The annual reports on the activities of the administration and its executed or future projects are available on LPA’s website: