Turkey buys third drillship

Turkey has purchased a third drillship, Sertao, according to reports.

Two of Ankara’s drillships, Yavuz and Fatih are currently operating in and around Cyprus.

According to CNA, Turkish Petroleum Corporation (TPAO) acquired the Sertao at auction in Britain for $37.5 million. The drill was built in South Korea in 2012 and was used by Brazilian company Petrobras until 2015.

CNA said that according to sources in a trade magazine, the rig has been in Port Talbot, Wales for two years but the sale as now been completed.

According to the magazine, the drill ship was manufactured by Samsung in 2012 in South Korea. It has the ability to operate under very high pressure and high temperatures and can reach depths of 11,400 metres, and can drill to 3,0000 metres. It is 227 metres long and 42 metres wide.

Reportedly it is bigger than the Yavuz and the Fatih.