Turkish Cypriots protest bilateral moves

Turkish Cypriots said on Tuesday they were not bound by any agreements struck by the Republic, accusing the government and the Egyptian administration of usurping power through unlawful means.

In a written statement, the so-called foreign ministry of the Turkish Cypriot breakaway state said the Republic was engaging in unilateral acts without taking into account the rights of Turkish Cypriots.

It claimed that both the recognised government of the island and the current Egyptian administration had seized power through unlawful actions and were now claiming the island’s natural resources.

The statement said Turkish Cypriots also had rights, adding that no unilateral steps could be taken on the issue of energy in their absence.

“Respective steps will be made in the region together with motherland Turkey to protect our rights and interests,” the statement said.

Commenting on the bilateral co-operation between Cyprus and Egypt, the Turkish Cypriots said it was an attempt to legitimise the Greek Cypriot illegal actions which were an extension of their usurping mentality.

“We want to underline that efforts to create alliances on the island and in the area in general by excluding the Turkish Cypriots and motherland Turkey won’t bear any results.”

Source: Cyprus Mail