US Ambassador: We are against a military response to solve energy disputes

Energy at the centre of attention at The Economist Conference in Nicosia

In her comments during a discussion on the state of play of energy deliberations in the Eastern Mediterranean US Ambassador Kathleen Doherty said that the US does not approve of a military response to an energy dispute.

The US diplomat said that her country is in the process of designing a new strategy for the Eastern Mediterranean region and that the US is a firm supporter of Cyprus’s right to explore and exploit its natural resources. Those resources should be shared equitably between the two communities on the island in the framework of a settlement of the Cyprus problem, Doherty said.

Doherty reminded delegates of the conference that based on her experience in dealing with energy affairs, developing hydrocarbon resources will take more than a decade for the project to materialize.

US – Turkey relations have been tricky as of late said the Ambassador while stressing that Turkey has a role to play in the Eastern Mediterranean and indeed Europe in terms of political and energy planning.

Cyprus Foreign Minister

In the same conference, Cyprus foreign Minister Christodoulides has said ”Today I call on Turkey to enter discussions with Cyprus on delineating the Cyprus Turkey exclusive economic zone’’.

Christodoulides invited Turkey to ”join our vision” for a prosperous Eastern Mediterranean based on cooperation and the rule of law.

The Foreign Minster said that Cyprus views energy developments in the region as not a zero sum game.