State-owned oil companies could waste around $400 billion on investments in the next decade on new oil projects that will struggle to turn a profit as the world shifts away from fossil fuels. The Natural Resource

With the Eastern Mediterranean home to over 70 trillion cubic feet (tcf) of gas discovered since 2009, its commercial potential is undeniable. As large swathes of these reserves are located offshore, production costs are naturally

Recently, several oil companies have announced their plans to turn their oil business green in the upcoming years. The transition, for the oil and gas industry, from the currently normalized way of work to an

The hydrocarbon resources of the Eastern Mediterranean region have greatly increased in importance in recent years. The new natural gas discoveries can have a significant impact on the politics of global energy security. The new discoveries

Lebanon’s first oil and gas offshore licensing round in the Mediterranean is raising concerns among experts over whether it will be compatible or competitive with the similar oil and gas ambitions of neighboring Egypt. On

The discovery of Egypt’s giant Zohr gas field in August 2015 was heralded as the solution to the country’s energy problems. So why did Egypt cut a deal this year to import natural gas from

Without reaching a compromise or agreement through regional cooperation by putting aside political disputes, extracting gas in the region will be either too costly, unprofitable, or impossible Maritime boundaries and Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ) in the

بدأ حقل «ظهر» في كانون الاول 2017 بضخّ الغاز إلى السّوق المصري بعد فترة تطوير قياسيّة لم تتجاوز ثلاث سنوات حقّقتها شركة «إيني» الإيطاليّة بكلفة عشرة مليارات دولار. يُعتبر حقل ظهر أكبر اكتشاف غازي في تاريخ

تلزيم لبنان الرقعتين 4 و9 خطوة مهمة وبداية حسنة يؤمّل أن تؤدي الى اثبات وجود الغاز والنفط من جهة، والى استمرار حسن إدارة العمليات البترولية لخلق عوائد يحتاجها البلد، علة أن تُحوّل الى فوائد مستديمة

The country's continuing political and commercial challenges, including limited export possibilities, are hampering development of its Eastern Mediterranean natural gas. The development of Israel's offshore natural gas resources, once seen as a wonderful economic blessing, has

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