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Interview with Mohamed Yassein, Business Development Partner, EastMed Ltd.

Interview with Mohamed Yassein, Business Development Partner, EastMed Ltd.

Mohamed Yassein, Business Development Partner for EastMed Ltd, discusses with Lebanon Gas News the company’s upcoming conference in Rome and the gas developments in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea.

Please introduce yourself and your company.

 I am Business development partner at East Med Ltd. EastMed is a Business Development Consultancy Company and conferences organiser, specialised in the Energy, Infrastructure and Technology sectors. Our team is highly experienced in developing business in the Mediterranean and Middle East markets with support from our representatives and partners in many countries around the region such as Italy, Egypt, Bahrain and Lebanon.

How would you describe the East Med Company experience in organizing specialized conferences in the energy field?

Conferences and B2B meetings are an important part of the marketing activities of most types of business as they present important opportunities to get face-to-face with clients and potential future partners, and hence they remain an incredibly valuable tool for developing new business. We organise the annual summit for East Mediterranean and North Africa which cover the oil and gas value chain and provide a platform to discuss all latest developments as well as providing networking opportunity to all senior managers from IOC’s and NOC’s.

Which kind of professionals are targeted in the upcoming conference (NAEM) in Rome?

East Mediterranean and North Africa summit is designed for senior level management from Oil and Gas industry. NAEM is also providing platform for government departments, agencies and public bodies to promote national projects and attract international investors and foreign direct investment. 

Are you planning future conferences in any of the East Med countries?

For the time being we think the annual East Mediterranean and North Africa summit is covering all activities and updates for the whole year, the main challenge is to keep up with our clients expectations and add value to our participants.

How do you see the future of the oil and gas industry in the East Med?

The continuous developments and giant exploration in the region are attracting strong international operators and generating enthusiasm. Experts are expecting potential discoveries in the region and I remember Mr. Bertelli’s (Chief Exploration Officer of  Eni SpA) key note at EMGC 2017 when he said “We call the Eastern Mediterranean the ‘sea of gas’ which reflects the increasing expectations for the region’s natural resources. With Lebanon to join in developing oil and gas, the region is set to be one of the world largest gas hub.

Can the East Med replace Russia as main gas supplier to Europe?

East Med gas will provide energy diversification, security, and resilience to the gas supply market. There are many geographic and economic aspects that determine and control the market and for instance the East Med region still need to improve and invest in export infrastructure.

Do you have any particular message to our website visitors?

I would like to thank Lebanon Gas news for giving me this opportunity and I would like also to congratulate Lebanon for the first Oil and Gas Licence round. I look forward to meeting all oil and gas professionals at this year’s East Mediterranean and North Africa oil and gas (NAEM) in Rome.

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