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Introduction to Oil & Gas Training Course held in Beirut

Introduction to Oil & Gas Training Course held in Beirut

A platform for understanding the new industry

The specialized training course offered by Warren Business Consulting (WBC) held at the Smallville Hotel in Beirut on the 26th and 27th of April 2018, was an introduction to the Oil and Gas. It was designed to people seeking to enter this new field or working in related companies that aim at serving the nascent industry in Lebanon. 

The course provided by Mr. Angus Warren, from WBC, a London-based company, specialized in oil and gas learning, and Abboud Zahr, Managing Director of DEP Levant Oil and Gas. Mr. Zahr, provoked a good debate about Lebanon’s petroleum regime, the structure of the industry and areas where the operator Total will require local help. Guidance were presented on how companies wishing to do business with oil companies should present themselves and what shall be done to improve their health, Safety and Environment (HSE) expertise.

The workshop proved to be of great interest and success. Delegates from the banking sector, the Lebanese Petroleum Administration (LPA), equipment suppliers, engineering companies, NGOs, were present. This training was a platform for those keen to discover this promising sector and an opportunity to get in touch with people from different backgrounds in order to meet on a common ground to discuss issues that would impact Lebanon future for decades.

This seminar was a first step for many others in order to allow the biggest number of persons to learn and get involved in matters that may be of great concern to them. Further training courses are planned during the coming months.

About WBC:

Warren Business Consulting (warrenbusinessconsulting.com), a London based company, is a specialist oil and gas learning and development firm.  WBC is developing the skills that individuals need to get the most out of their careers in oil and gas and to better contribute to the organisations that they work for.  The company is passionate about inspiring people to go on an do more in oil and gas and to do this through a series of classroom based, short training courses.  WBC training courses are well known in the industry and were held already in more than 30 countries worldwide.


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