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French energy company Total is likely to abandon a search for oil and gas off Cyprus after failing to find tangible evidence of reserves, dealing a blow to the island’s hopes of a natural resource

By Abboud Zahr Less than a decade ago, the future of U.S. energy looked bleak. Domestic production of both oil and gas was dwindling and big American energy companies, believing their future lays offshore, had long

Egypt is looking to import natural gas from Israel. Once a net natural gas exporter, Egypt is now facing a severe energy crisis that is threatening more power outages and an increase in the price

  Dans son dernier rapport de l’année 2013, la Bank Audi estime à 600 milliards de dollars le potentiel du Liban en hydrocarbures. « Sur la base du prix du gaz et du pétrole actuel, et si on

La société américaine Neos Geosolutions a affirmé avoir achevé ses opérations de balayage aérien du territoire libanais pour évaluer le potentiel pétrolier et gazier de son sous-sol. Le balayage avait débuté en septembre dans le cadre

EXECUTIVE MAGAZINE by Matt Nash and Jeremy Arbid “If you want to hurt me, I can hurt you back,” Antoine Dagher tells Executive, laughing as he tries to keep his name out of this article. A former

As part of its series of discussions with experts and professionals working in the oil and gas industry, Middle East Strategic Perspectives met with Abboud Zahr, manager of the Oil & Gas Division at Design

THE UNITED States of America is experiencing a revolution in gas production which is known as shale gas. For the past three years, the United States has been the world’s fastest-growing hydrocarbons producer, and the trend

في آخر سنة من ولاية الرئيس اميل لحود زار لبنان المسؤول الأول في الصندوق العربي للتنمية عبد اللطيف الحمد، وبحث مع عدد من المسؤولين الكبار، وفي مقدمهم وزير الطاقة، في الطريقة الملائمة لإعادة بناء "الطاقة

This article was published in the December 2014 edition of Executive Magazine. The Eastern Mediterranean is a complex environment for gas producers and countries aspiring to become gas exporters in the next few years. Not only

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