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ليس صدفة أنّ يؤجل كبير المفاوضين في وزارة الطاقة الأميركية، والمكلف إدارة مفاوضات الترسيم البحري بين لبنان وإسرائيل، آموس هوكشتاين، زيارة بيروت مرات عدة.وليس صدفة أيضاً أن يحدّد هوكشتاين شخصياً إطارًا زمنيًا لنهاية المفاوضات، ينتهي

Egypt has sent its first-ever liquefied natural gas (LNG) shipment to the Netherlands through the Damietta LNG Plant, Al-Ahram reported.The total capacity of the cargo amounts to 174,000 cubic meters, which was shipped by LNG tanker

In its latest operational update on Tuesday, Energean revealed that the Karish development remains within budget and is on track to deliver the first gas by 3Q 2022. On 31 December 2021, the overall project

The news last Monday that the US State Department finally abandoned the EastMed gas pipeline should not have come as a surprise – the US stated the obvious. Sadly, instead of this announcement attracting the

Following reports of US reservations over the financial and environmental sustainability of the EastMed natural gas pipeline project, a State Department spokesman has affirmed Washington’s commitment to the 3+1 regional alliance scheme (Cyprus, Greece, Israel

Seven international companies were awarded exploration and production licenses for eight oil and gas concessions in the Mediterranean, the Western desert, and the Gulf of Suez, with a minimum investment value of c.USD 250 mn,

Due to the delay in the start of gas production in Karish field, several Israeli gas buyers are asking to terminate the purchase agreements they signed with Energean in 2017. Many other factors are also

U.S. oil major ExxonMobil and partner Qatar Petroleum started drilling the Glaucus-2 well in Block 10, offshore Cyprus, to better understand the size of the giant Glaucus-1 gas discovery made in the block back in

Israel Energy Minister Karin Elharrar announced that the search for offshore natural gas fields will be halted at least until the end of 2022. Israel will halt its natural gas search and production in 2022 to

ExxonMobil is about to start drilling in block 10, and, with Qatar Energy, it has just acquired rights to adjacent block 5. This has been heralded as a decisive step in the return of a

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