Chevron shuts in Tamar gas field amid unrest in Israel

Oil and gas giant Chevron has shut down production at its operated Tamar field located offshore Israel amid escalating military activities and tensions in Israel.

A spokesperson for Chevron confirmed the company had shut in and depressurized the Tamar platform in accordance with instructions received from the country’s Ministry of Energy. The Tamar platform is located some 25 kilometers (15.5 miles) off the city of Ashdod along Israel’s southern Mediterranean coast.

According to a report by Reuters, Israel carried out hundreds of airstrikes in Gaza on Wednesday and Palestinian resistance replied with multiple rocket barrages at Tel Aviv and the southern city of Beersheba in the region’s most intense hostilities in years. Tens of Palestinian civilians, women and children were murdered by the Israeli’s airplanes bombs on Gaza.

The spokesperson stated: “We are closely monitoring the situation and focusing on the safe and reliable supply of natural gas for the benefit of the Israeli domestic market and to our regional customers”.

Chevron took over the Tamar as well as Leviathan gas field following its acquisition of Noble Energy back in October 2020.

The Leviathan field, Israel’s largest, began production in 2019. The gas is exported to Jordan and Egypt as well as supplied to the local market.

The spokesperson added: “We are continuing to supply customers from the Leviathan Production platform and working with customers and the relevant regulatory bodies to ensure that natural gas supplies continue in a safe and reliable manner”.

Chevron operates and holds a 25% stake in the Tamar gas field. It produced a total of 8.2 billion cubic metres (bcm) of gas in 2020, of which 7.7 bcm went to Israel, 0.3 bcm to neighbouring Egypt and 0.2 bcm to Jordan, according to data from Israeli energy company Delek, which holds a stake in the field.

Global airlines cancelled flights to Israel as clashes between the country’s military and Palestinian Activists in Gaza and the West Bank intensify. Delta Air Lines (DAL), American Airlines (AAL), United Airlines (UAL), Lufthansa and British Airways have all cancelled flights following days of Israeli air strikes on Palestinian cities.