Energy Minister announces no commercial gas discovery found in Lebanon’s offshore exploration well

Just traces of gas were found in the geological layers during drilling in Lebanon offshore block 4, however, no commercial gas reservoir was found.

Minister Raymond Ghajar presented the initial data resulting from drilling the exploration well in Block 4, adding that the final detailed report will be issued at a later period by the operator after analyzing the data and samples obtained from the well.

“The preliminary results of the drilling proved the presence of gas at various depths within the geological layers penetrated by the well in the region bordering the Lebanese coast [Basin margin area], which makes this region a promising geological region. As a result of the presence of gas in this well, the basic elements of a geo-petroleum system were confirmed in the Lebanese sea, but the existence of a gas reservoir was not proved,” he added.

The minister explained that the first exploration well has achieved one of the primary goals for which it is drawn, which is to ascertain the nature of the geological layers and the similarities and differences between them and what exists in the Levantine basin, which enhances the understanding of the geological reality of part of the Lebanese sea.

He pointed out that “the drilling activities have resulted in obtaining samples and pieces that will be subject to analysis by Total in preparation for the modernization of the geological – petroleum system of the region,” noting that “the drilling work was carried out in waters with a depth of 1,500 meters and a layer of salt rock was penetrated with a thickness of 1,000 meters before reaching the promising target layers.”

The consortium Total, Eni and Novatek have signed two Exploration and Production Agreements for Blocks 4 and 9, with the Lebanese Republic. The drillship stared 2 months ago.

Lebanon entered the path of exploration in the Lebanese marine waters in Blocks 4 and 9 beginning of 2018. According to the exploration and production agreements belonging to these two areas, the first exploration period extends for a period of three years ending in May of the year 2021.

The geological and petro-physical data obtained from this well are a wealth of information that will contribute in the future to enhancing the chances of a commercial discovery in the multiple locations identified in block 4.