Jordan Awards Two LNG Contracts to European Suppliers

LNG Tanker

NEPCO, the National Electric Power Company of Jordan, has awarded to LNG supply contracts to Gunvor of Switzerland and Gas Natural of Spain.

Both Cargoes are due at the FSRU in Aqaba bay in the first quarter of 2016 and each of them is of 3-3.5 trillion British thermal units, according to the Jordan Times, quoting the Company’s Director General Abdel Fattah Daradkeh.

80% of Jordan’s power generation relies on LNG, 80% of which is supplied mainly by Shell from Qatar as part of a 5-year contract.

Daily consumption is estimated at 350 million cubic feet (mcf).

Jordan’s gas supply from Egypt has been disrupted since 2011 when terrorists attacked and blew-up the pipeline connecting Jordan with Egypt.

In the 4 years since then when LNG supply was started NEPCO, posted a loss of JDS 5 billion ($7 billion). NEPCO should publish tenders for additional LNG cargoes during 2016.